Black Truffles at Arcane

Black truffles from The Truffle & Wine Co (the largest single producer of Tuber melansoporum in the world) in the hands of talented chef, Shane Osborn of Arcane, translates into sublime dishes that you really should try while you have a chance. Currently Arcane is presenting a five-course Australian Black Truffle menu, and dishes will change or be adjusted throughout the truffle season to highlight … Continue reading Black Truffles at Arcane

Caprice – 8 Michelin Stars

1 Night, 3 Chefs, 7 Courses, 8 Michelin Stars! In May, Caprice, is hosting a seven-course dinner, prepared by three talented chefs from three restaurants, for a combined eight Michelin stars. Christian Le Squer (Four Seasons Hotel Georges V, Paris), Fabrice Vulin (Caprice), and Chan Yan Tak (Lung King Heen) have been working on the menu together for months, and each will present diners with multiple … Continue reading Caprice – 8 Michelin Stars

Angelini – a visual review

I have enjoyed many great meals at Italian restaurant, Angelini, over the years, and was excited to be invited back recently to try some of the new dishes from the new chef, Alessandro Angelini. The fact that the restaurant and its new chef share the same name is pure coincidence. These are the dishes I tried (all images are clickable).   I also tried the lamb with mixed … Continue reading Angelini – a visual review

Social media plating

Some chefs are creating dishes with a priority to make an impact on social media sites, is this a good thing? The Plate Show, asks three chefs and a foodie what they think. This article first appeared in the Food & Drink section of the South China Morning Post. The article can also be read at SCMP website Continue reading Social media plating

Dinner with a chef – Koh Samui

During a week-long visit to Koh Samui in late 2012 I was disappointed with the food, –  I knew there must be authentic Thai food around, but most restaurants I tried were catering to the tourist palate. I mentioned this to the wonderful PR pro, Nicola, when I was arranging a stay at the Four Seasons Resort (divine) on the island, and before I knew … Continue reading Dinner with a chef – Koh Samui

Chef Profile: Ian Persi

Aussie chef, and co-owner of Sushi O, Ian Persi, has 20 years experience with Japanese cuisine. In this article, published in South China Morning Post, Persi talks more about his Japanese story, which began when he was in high school. I can highly recommend his food, everything I tried impressed. Below are some dish images and Click Here to read the article. Images courtesy of Castelo Concepts, … Continue reading Chef Profile: Ian Persi

Chefs don’t complain, but I do

Below is a copy of the cover story I wrote for SCMP’s Food & Wine on complaining in a restaurant. What surprised me most when researching the article, was that on the whole chefs don’t complain. Why does this surprise me? If something is not right about a meal it seems to me that a chef is best qualified to say something, yet there seems … Continue reading Chefs don’t complain, but I do