A Recipe for Recovery

“It’s easy to become sarcastic hearing ‘sustainability’ all the time but the  truth is, sustainability, is the bare minimum needed. The future needs to be based in recovery and reclamation,” chef Darren MacLean. For a restaurant’s longevity, and the planet’s, a culinary shift is needed. Additionally, what is being served to diners now and what will be served in the future will by necessity need to evolve. For this article in ECHELON I spoke to four leading chefs and one sustainability expert, to learn more. To read more https://echelon.com.hk/a-recipe-for-recovery/

Cured king oyster mushroom, grilled over cherry wood with spring salads, elm seeds, preserved radishes and a sauce of smoked sunflower seeds and buckwheat miso by Nurdin Topham

Cover photo: Nupo’s House-Fermented Tempeh Nigiri from Darren MacLean

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