When I was In the Kitchen

One of the most intimidating and rewarding things I have done to date as a food writer is the column I had on WOMguide’s website called In the Kitchen. As the following intro explains:

“The idea behind the column is a tables-turned experience — restaurant reviewer (a term I prefer) or restaurant critic (as some refer to me) becomes the reviewed. I will be entering the kitchens of some of HK’s restaurants and hotels to spend one-on-one time with the leading chefs as they put me through my professional paces.

My attempts at mastering preparation, techniques, and re-creating dishes to restaurant standard will be shared, and when applicable any insider tips and recipes will be included. Each chef, turned reviewer, will honestly review/critique my attempts, with their unedited comments included and a score out of ten. For some chefs that I have reviewed it’s payback time. I am ready for whatever the chefs want to throw my way, except for food and knives.”

I managed to do six of these columns, which I present HERE, hopefully for your entertainment. The experience was a great reminder of how much detail and behind-the-scenes work is required to consistently produce good food day in, day out.

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