I would pay: recent media invites worth the cost

As a journalist I get invited to media dinners and other promotions, some I would, and have, gone back to try again as a paying punter. Here are two worth the cost.

Aqua Luna. More one when you have a friend or family visiting Hong Kong is the hop on and hop off tours that Aqua Luna has just launched. Available every Tuesday and Friday from 12pm to 5pm and running every 15 minutes, the junk calls at TST, Central, Wanchai and Hunghom. Guests have the option of hopping on and off the junk as many times as they like with a day pass ($100, including a mini guidebook). There will also be discounts and coupons included in the guidebook for related Aqua Group restaurants, such as afternoon tea at Hullet House. Decked out with day beds it is a relaxing way to get around and in theory you could take a book and spend the entire 5 hours cruising, reading and chilling.

Iconic Aqua Luna
The comfortable upper deck


Although it has now finished the recent Imperial Cuisine promotion at Tin Lung Heen at the Ritz Carlton was truly memorable. Prepared by the famous Li family, you can experience the cuisine for yourself when next in Beijing, Shanghai and even Tokyo. The recipes and cooking techniques have been passed down through the generations, with great grandfather Li being in charge of the kitchens in the Forbidden City under the rule of Empress Cixi and currently being prepared by the grandson and chefs he has trained. www.familylishanghai.com

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