Dish Origin – Gnocchi

I remember vividly the first time I ever had gnocchi that was befitting of the description, light and fluffy pillows. It was in Verona, at Locanda 4 Cuochi. So it was interesting to discover when researching this Gnocchi origin article (for SCMP) that Verona is not only the city of love, it is also the city of gnocchi. Continue reading Dish Origin – Gnocchi

Dining Hotspot – Happy Valley

Happy Valley, unlike its bustling neighbours, such as Causeway Bay, has more a residential than commercial feel to it. Its restaurants reflect this, tending to be more intimate, relaxed with a neighbourhood ambience, with many offering all-day dining. The seven restaurants, reviewed below, first appeared in a Hot Spots article in Good Eating magazine (the SCMP online version is a tad confusing so for full … Continue reading Dining Hotspot – Happy Valley

Impressive chefs – Enrico Bartolini

As the standfirst for this article, The bold and the beautiful in Prestige Hong Kong reads, Three days in Milan with Enrico Bartolini convinces Vicki Williams that this rising-star chef is in possession of some exceptional powers. It was fascinating to spend this length of time with Enrico, in and out, of the kitchen. There was so much to say, this article is just a … Continue reading Impressive chefs – Enrico Bartolini

Dining Hotspot – TST East

Tsim Sha Tsui East is an increasingly popular dining choice, thanks in part to the variety of restaurant choices. Another reason, is the al fresco dining (and harbour views) that many restaurants offer. In an article published in the September issue of SCMP’s Good Eating guide, I highlight seven options. Homepage image courtesy of Angelini  Continue reading Dining Hotspot – TST East

Angelini – a visual review

I have enjoyed many great meals at Italian restaurant, Angelini, over the years, and was excited to be invited back recently to try some of the new dishes from the new chef, Alessandro Angelini. The fact that the restaurant and its new chef share the same name is pure coincidence. These are the dishes I tried (all images are clickable).   I also tried the lamb with mixed … Continue reading Angelini – a visual review