Dish Origin – Pavlova

Did Australia really plagiarise the pavlova recipe from New Zealand? Or does the beloved meringue-based dessert have its origins in royal Germanic kitchens? Find out what I discovered in this origin series article for South China Morning Post. Click here to read more. Spoiler alert below: this did not make it to the final article – New Research While we will have to wait until … Continue reading Dish Origin – Pavlova

Tea Pairing – The Dilmah Way

I had the privilege of traveling to Sri Lanka late last year to attend the Dilmah School of Tea, run by the ethical family-tea company Dilmah. From a foodie view point it was a fascinating insight into tea, particularly tea pairing, and the difference the right tea can make to a dish and vice versa. The breakfast pairing in particular intrigued me. It was therefore … Continue reading Tea Pairing – The Dilmah Way

Gourmandise: Lobster one day, economy class meals the next

A couple of weeks ago was an eclectic one in terms of food. The two highlights for different reasons were indulging in a spot of afternoon tea at Island Shangri-La, and trying some of the new dishes on the Cathay Pacific inflight menu, with a peak behind the scenes of preparing over 70,000 meals a day. Lobster Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea, despite its finery and … Continue reading Gourmandise: Lobster one day, economy class meals the next