Dish Origin – Pavlova

Did Australia really plagiarise the pavlova recipe from New Zealand? Or does the beloved meringue-based dessert have its origins in royal Germanic kitchens? Find out what I discovered in this origin series article for South China Morning Post. Click here to read more.

Spoiler alert below: this did not make it to the final article –

New Research

While we will have to wait until later this year to find out what Utrecht and Wood have discovered, Utrecht says the book will reveal “many surprises”, dropping some hints. 

For example, despite the 1929 recipe origin, “This does not mean it was New Zealand’s creation.”

Adding, “In terms of the meringue-pavlova that everyone adores today, what I can say, is that we believe the dessert was named first in the northern hemisphere, not the southern, but people will have to wait until the publication of our book to find out exactly where.” 

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