Dish Origin – Pavlova

Did Australia really plagiarise the pavlova recipe from New Zealand? Or does the beloved meringue-based dessert have its origins in royal Germanic kitchens? Find out what I discovered in this origin series article for South China Morning Post. Click here to read more. Spoiler alert below: this did not make it to the final article – New Research While we will have to wait until … Continue reading Dish Origin – Pavlova

Dish Origin – Edible Bird’s Nest

Said to have anti-ageing properties, and to promote cell regeneration, boost immunity and enhance sex drive, edible bird’s nests have become popular with Chinese millennials. In my latest origin series for South China Morning Post I deep dive into this Chinese delicacy with a fascinating history dating back more than a thousand years ago. Continue reading Dish Origin – Edible Bird’s Nest

Dish Origin – Gnocchi

I remember vividly the first time I ever had gnocchi that was befitting of the description, light and fluffy pillows. It was in Verona, at Locanda 4 Cuochi. So it was interesting to discover when researching this Gnocchi origin article (for SCMP) that Verona is not only the city of love, it is also the city of gnocchi. Continue reading Dish Origin – Gnocchi