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As the blog is new the content is still being developed so until I write a hotel review under Sybarite Unlimited I thought I would share a taste of the past. Two hotel reviews I wrote for Business Traveller Asia Pacific. DoubleTree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur The Peninsula Chicago And a review of The Peninsula Shanghai’s fine-dining restaurant, just days after opening, for Continue reading Archives: Mysterious hairs to bathroom views

Double Boiled Soup: history and belief in a pot

This article on Double Boiled Soup. was written for SCMP’s Food & Wine. Below is a recipe courtesy of Sha Tin 18, which also has the best Peking duck in Hong Kong. Sha Tin 18’s Pork and Apple Soup A summer soup. Serves 1 1 apple, sliced 200g of lean pork 4 Chinese almonds 4 apricot kernels 1/2 a honey date 400g of water Boil a … Continue reading Double Boiled Soup: history and belief in a pot

Culinary Plagiarism or Homage?

Is recreating the same dish as a famous chef culinary plagiarism or an homage? Or is it a case of a chef too lazy to come up with his own dishes for his restaurant? I recently asked myself these questions when after having a foie gras dish at a new opening in Hong Kong. It was per chance as a follower of Ferran Adria on … Continue reading Culinary Plagiarism or Homage?

First Taste of VIEW 62

VIEW 62 by Paco Roncero has been one of the most anticipated new restaurant openings in Hong Kong so far this year. At a recent media dinner I sampled the 13-dish Tasting Menu. The menu is divided into Snacks, Tapas, Main Course, and Dessert. Here are a few thoughts on what worked, what didn’t, and what was neither here nor there for me. Plus a … Continue reading First Taste of VIEW 62

What’s it all about?

August 2022 – Such grand plans for when I first launched this address (see below). While that content exists in the archives, the majority of the content now are published articles. The reason to launch it remains though: to produce and share trusted content, and recommend hotels and restaurants based on professional experience. It may well be now more an online portfolio, but ideally still … Continue reading What’s it all about?

Why Sybarite Unlimited?

Sybarite – a person devoted to luxury and pleasure. I first came across the word “sybarite” when I began to follow the legendary Gael Greene on Twitter. She uses the word to describe herself. When I was thinking of what to call my blog the word immediately sprang to mind. I like its meaning and I like the play on the word “write”. I also think that food and travel are all … Continue reading Why Sybarite Unlimited?