Dish Origin – Nasi Lemak

Is nasi lemak from Malaysia or Singapore – and how did it get its name? I answer both these questions, with help from the experts, in this new origin series I am writing for South China Morning Post. Click here to read more.

2 thoughts on “Dish Origin – Nasi Lemak

  1. Nasi lemak is considered the Malaysian national dish

    Nasi lemak used to be my “must have” breakfast but I am cutting it down due to health reasons (too much santan), ha ha. But on weekends, I take the trouble to drive out to meet the old Aunty in a beat up van who serve nasi lemak in the morning. Adding to the side dish is the sambal sotong (squid sambal) and telur mata (half cooked egg).

    Sambal for me must be spicy and never sweet and I don’t mind paying extra if the seller got the spiciness just right.

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