Top 5 – Private Dining Asia

A private dining experience must meet various requirements to be memorable –  the food obviously needs to be great, and ideally on-trend, and the location should be private but not boring. For the added wow factor, the private dining space should have a unique edge, something that makes it stand out, such as the following five Venues with Menus Cover and above image courtesy of … Continue reading Top 5 – Private Dining Asia

Switzerland – three views

Unexpected art, sybaritic artisans and a unique cultural history: my impressions of a tour through Zurich, Lausanne and Neuchâtel as written for Prestige Hong Kong. Not all content submitted makes it to the final version, such as – One of the best restaurants for modern art on the plate is Baur au Lac‘s stunning restaurant, Pavillion, with its star-architect designed glass rotunda that draws in … Continue reading Switzerland – three views

Winemaker Profile: David Levin

Hotelier and owner of Levin Wines, David Levin, is a trailblazer. A Scotsman who took Australian winemaking ideas to France, he’s not afraid of controversy. He opened the UK’s first gastropub and London’s first boutique hotel. He was also the first to establish an organic winery in the Loire Valley. Click on the link below for the full interview, which was published in SCMP‘s Food & … Continue reading Winemaker Profile: David Levin