Worst restaurant awards

I have been toying with the idea of doing a Sybarite Unlimited best and worst awards 2013 for Hong Kong restaurants, and after my recent meal at L’Altro I will definitely be doing a worst list at the end of the year. The restaurant tops the list so far, and I would have plenty of ammo for a scathing review – undercooked risotto, mashed potato with the consistency of runny glue, … Continue reading Worst restaurant awards

Chefs don’t complain, but I do

Below is a copy of the cover story I wrote for SCMP’s Food & Wine on complaining in a restaurant. What surprised me most when researching the article, was that on the whole chefs don’t complain. Why does this surprise me? If something is not right about a meal it seems to me that a chef is best qualified to say something, yet there seems … Continue reading Chefs don’t complain, but I do

Random Rant – I want to eat my food while it is still hot

I found myself at a media dinner for food bloggers just recently. On the plus side, I enjoyed being thought of as new media, having only recently launched my blog. On the negative side, what a bunch of time wasters. Don’t get me wrong they were lovely people, and I enjoyed their company. But every time a dish arrived at the table out came the … Continue reading Random Rant – I want to eat my food while it is still hot