Random Rant – I want to eat my food while it is still hot

I found myself at a media dinner for food bloggers just recently. On the plus side, I enjoyed being thought of as new media, having only recently launched my blog.

On the negative side, what a bunch of time wasters. Don’t get me wrong they were lovely people, and I enjoyed their company. But every time a dish arrived at the table out came the smartphones, each of them taking turns to snap multiple pics of each dish. I had never experienced anything like it. I have been at plenty of dinners where the media (old school media) in attendance take pics of their food but not when the dishes are served family style. Taking pics of your own dish is one thing, it is your choice whether to eat your food while it is still hot or not. However, when each course is designed to be shared by all it seems indulgent and selfish to make everyone else in attendance wait until all the snapping has finished before we can eat. I want to eat my food while it is still hot, not luke warm.

Maybe there is kudos in being the first in the group to get your photos up on your blog, twitter, instagram or tumblr site but what happened to good manners and considering those around you in the real world?

Towards the end of the dinner even the patient host appeared to have had enough, asking the bloggers if they had taken enough photos.

I think that there needs to be more consideration for fellow diners in the case of communal dining. Maybe someone needs to write an etiquette manual for new media so that we can all enjoy the food as the chef intended it be eaten.

What do you think?

One thought on “Random Rant – I want to eat my food while it is still hot

  1. Wow. Intriguing point of view. A couple of points I dont accept but hey… thats
    a new outlook.

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