Sybarite Unlimited goes public

So the day has finally come to officially launch Sybarite Unlimited.

Here are a few highlights of posts so far, which include new pieces for the blog and published articles that are related to food and travel.

Chefs: Links to my favourite interviews that I have done with noted chefs, including Pierre Gagnaire and Thomas Keller, and a link to a column I used to have called In the Kitchen.

Coming: interaction with chefs and news.

Food & Restaurant Reviews: recent articles for SCMP‘s Food & Wine and links to three negative reviews I wrote for WOMguide, which seemed appropriate as Jay Rayner has just released a book of his 20 most scathing reviews.

Coming: more published articles and full reviews.

Hotel Reviews: two reviews I did for Business Traveller Asia Pacific.

Coming: Sybarite Unlimited hotel reviews, kicking off with Holiday Inn Cotai, Macau, early next week.

New Openings: A review of VIEW 62

Coming: reviews of new restaurants in Hong Kong & Macau.

News & Gossip: “Gourmandise” will be a weekly highlight of places I have dined with mini reviews, “I would pay” will feature promotions or invites I have received and experienced for free as media that I would pay for, with bits of gossip I hear thrown in and culinary issues of interest.

Restaurants featured in recent Gourmandise include reviews of new menus at Gold and Spoon and new chef’s fare at Angelini’s and Gaddi’s.

Coming soon: more of the same.

Published Articles: The place to find food and travel articles that have been published. These articles also appear in other categories, but this is the category if you want to only read published work.

Recent articles include matching wine with Cantonese cuisine and where to eat out in Tai Mei Tuk.

Coming soon: more of the same.

Travel: So far recent published articles only, including Chicago and Taipei. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Coming soon: Not sure of the location but my bag is packed.

What’s it all about?: The aim of the blog and the reason behind the name.

Postings are tagged under more than one category when appropriate.

Have a look around and let me know what you think.

Have a great day.


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