Visual Review – Nadaman

Nadaman at the Kowloon Shangri-La has a new chef, Nobuo Tsuji. I had the pleasure of sampling a range of his visually stunning, contemporary signature dishes, and think this is the best the food has been at this Japanese restaurant for years.

My photos, taken with my old phone do not do the plates justice – everything looked twice as beautiful as seen here. If I had known the food was going to be this good I would have taken my camera (there are a couple of handout photos too).

We began with Chef Tsuji’s signature custard with fresh sea urchin and black truffle – divine!
There is a generosity of spirit in chef’s dishes as seen here by the amount of uni and truffle
A deluxe sashimi platter – everything ocean-fresh with outstanding flavour
This was followed by Simmered Japanese wagyu with seasonal vegetables in Yoshino style (Nadaman image)
My favourite dish on the day – delicate, exquisite and memorable. Zuwaigani snow crab with Japanese tomato, capellini pasta and olives, shows the chef’s signature of introducing modern touches to traditional Japanese cuisine

Simmered live lobster with soybean paste sauce – perfectly cooked (Nadaman image)
I was also curious to try some sushi, if only all sushi tasted this good – note the individual grains of rice – click to enlarge
We finished with clear soup, loved the attention to detail

According to chef Tsuji his cooking philosophy is to put an emphasis on the original flavours and freshness of ingredients while offering guests a delightful surprise with new elements on taste and presentation. This philosophy was evident in every dish.

Another signature, Shrimp bisque custard with black truffle sauce (Nadaman image)

2 thoughts on “Visual Review – Nadaman

  1. Hi Choi, thanks for commenting. Although not cheap, given the quality of the ingredients, the attention to detail, and how delicious it was, for me that would be value for money. Lunch time has good value sets, although I have not tried them under the new chef.

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