Dining Hotspot – Lai Chi Kok

When asked to do a review of restaurants in Lai Chi Kok for South China Morning Post, I was skeptical, it was not an area known for its dining, but as it turned out this is changing. There are seven restaurants included in the article, Industrial Revolution from the Good Eating guide, covering a range of cuisines. The one that stands out the most for me was the … Continue reading Dining Hotspot – Lai Chi Kok

Tea Pairing – The Dilmah Way

I had the privilege of traveling to Sri Lanka late last year to attend the Dilmah School of Tea, run by the ethical family-tea company Dilmah. From a foodie view point it was a fascinating insight into tea, particularly tea pairing, and the difference the right tea can make to a dish and vice versa. The breakfast pairing in particular intrigued me. It was therefore … Continue reading Tea Pairing – The Dilmah Way