Macau – 10 Must-Try Foods

In determining this list of 10 Must-Try Foods in Macau for CNN Travel I intentionally stayed away from Portuguese and Macanese restaurants, because I have another article coming soon that reviews five. Many of the must-try foods on this list are from street-food vendors – which means you could, if you were hungry enough, try all of these in one day.

Here is the link to the article, 10 Must-Try Macau Foods, enjoy.


If there is a must-try food not on the list please add it to the comment box below, thanks.

3 thoughts on “Macau – 10 Must-Try Foods

  1. Great list! Also would recommend minchi (Dillion’s or the Old folks retirement club) and serradura (from serradura at old taipa village or riquexó) – both traditional Macanese dishes to the list!

    1. Well, you added to the calorie-filled entries this week. I’ve been known to order serradura for tea… Wow, it does sound like quite the European thang, doesn’t it? Well, Macao’s got Portuguese cultural connections. So… makes sense, I guess! 🙂

  2. Hi, Three cheers for gastro-tourism! Yes, Macau is famous for its sweets. (I have a friend of a friend who’s apparently totally enamored by Macau’s almond cookies and I definitely love the Portuguese egg tarts found in Macau.) Have adventurous palate will travel?

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