New York, my kind of town

New York is one of my favourite places, there is always something exciting to see, to do, and to eat and drink. Below is a link to an article I wrote for South China Morning Post about visiting New York in Autumn, however much of what is included (from the tours to the dining recommendations, to the art and culture) can be enjoyed at any time of … Continue reading New York, my kind of town

Peru – three ways

Peru is a fabulous country to visit. Its diversity one of its most appealing factors – from dining at some of the best restaurants in the world in Lima, to searching for anaconda in The Amazon, or watching the sunrise at magical Machu Picchu – there is so much that captivates and beckons you to return. From The Amazon to The Andes is an article I wrote for … Continue reading Peru – three ways

A palace I call home

The Taj Lake Palace hotel in Udaipur is deserving of the endless praise and poetic prose it receives – a magical place that was my home for a few days earlier in the year. As a reviewer it often serves to compare one luxury hotel against another, but in the case of the Taj Lake Palace no hotel or resort I have experienced so far can compete. It is truly … Continue reading A palace I call home

The ultimate holiday – rent an island, a castle, or even a town

Once you have stayed in the finest, grandest hotels, at the plushest of resorts, and visited the chicest locations, what do you do next? You go beyond. Beyond what for you has become everyday and perhaps even boring, to the next level to seek a getaway experience that provides extreme exclusivity, decadence, indulgence, with total privacy and customisation. For the complete article on renting an … Continue reading The ultimate holiday – rent an island, a castle, or even a town