What’s it all about?

August 2022 – Such grand plans for when I first launched this address (see below). While that content exists in the archives, the majority of the content now are published articles. The reason to launch it remains though: to produce and share trusted content, and recommend hotels and restaurants based on professional experience. It may well be now more an online portfolio, but ideally still informative and engaging.

July 2012 – My intention with this blog is to share restaurant reviews, travel articles, food news, industry gossip and my published articles.

The restaurant reviews will continue my reputation as a food writer people can trust. If I don’t like a dish I will say so, of course I will explain why. If I think the service sucks I will let you know. If the food is a must-try I will tell you why.

My intention is not to rip the heads off chefs and eat them as an amuse bouche, unless I think it is warranted. Many reviews you read in Hong Kong are press release rewrites, based on hosted media tastings or generally tailored to say only the nice things. I want to bring back honest reviewing, which in my experience chefs generally welcome, after all, many diners don’t give honest feedback they just don’t come back.

I will also share interesting food news and industry gossip to keep you abreast of the latest trends. Plus a weekly, mini-review, roundup of personal dining highlights.

And, I will be sharing reviews on hotels, resorts, spas and scintillating tales of destinations that I find myself in. Recommending places to stay, where to eat and drink, and what to do, based on my adventures. While some may already exist in travel guides and magazines my goal is to discover the new and the unique or the old from a fresh perspective.

Brief posts will also appear on my twitter page.

Vicki Williams

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